Top 10 Powerful Twitter Features That Set It Apart From Threads

Twitter, the popular microblogging platform, has become a global phenomenon, connecting people, ideas, and news in real-time. While Threads, a social media app developed by Meta, offers a unique messaging experience, it lacks some key features that make Twitter a powerful tool for communication and information sharing. Here are 10 things that Twitter can do that Threads can’t:

01. No Hashtags:

Hashtags are an essential feature on Twitter, enabling users to discover and participate in trending conversations. However, Threads currently lacks hashtag support. This might change in the future as Meta’s other platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, have embraced hashtags.

02. No Web Version:

Unlike Twitter, which can be accessed through any web browser, Threads is limited to its app-only experience. While there is an official Threads website, it merely redirects users to download the Android or iOS app. A web version of Threads would provide greater accessibility and convenience.

03. Can’t Edit Posts:

Twitter recently introduced an editing option for premium users, allowing them to correct mistakes or update their tweets. In contrast, Threads does not offer post editing capabilities. Users can only delete a post or create a new one. This feature, already available on Instagram and Facebook, may be added to Threads in the future.

04. No Direct Messaging (DM) Option:

Threads does not provide a direct messaging feature. It focuses solely on providing an intimate sharing experience with a select group of friends. While this enhances privacy, it also restricts users from engaging in private conversations within the app.

05. AI-Generated Alt Text:

Alternative text (alt text) is crucial for making images and videos accessible to individuals who rely on screen readers. Most social media platforms allow users to customize alt text, but Threads generates alt text automatically, potentially limiting the accuracy and relevance of these descriptions.

06. No Trending Topics:

Trending topics serve as a valuable tool for identifying current events and discussions on Twitter. However, Threads currently lacks a trending topics section. Instagram’s CEO has even stated that Threads is not intended for “hard news,” suggesting that it may not receive a trending topics feature anytime soon.

07. No Ads:

Unlike Twitter, which frequently displays ads to its users, Threads does not show any advertisements. Mark Zuckerberg has indicated that Threads may remain ad-free unless it reaches a substantial user base of 1 billion users.

08. Can’t Embed Threads Posts:

Threads does not offer the ability to embed posts on external websites or blogs. In contrast, Twitter has long allowed users to create embedded post links, facilitating seamless content sharing and integration across platforms.

09. No Following Feed:

Twitter provides users with the option to view a “For You” feed and a “Following” feed, allowing them to prioritize content from specific accounts. However, Threads only offers a single feed that includes trending posts and posts from followers. Users cannot view posts exclusively from those they follow.

10. No Chronological Feed:

Twitter allows users to switch to a chronological feed, displaying tweets in the order they were posted. Although this feature is not enabled by default, it provides greater control and visibility over the content. Currently, Threads generates a random feed, which may limit users’ ability to see posts in a specific order.

While Threads offers a unique messaging experience, Twitter excels in various areas, making it an indispensable platform for many. With its support for hashtags, web accessibility, editing capabilities, direct messaging, customizable alt text, trending topics, ads, embedded posts, following feeds, and chronological feeds, Twitter continues to be a powerful tool for communication, engagement, and staying informed.

As technology evolves, it is possible that Threads may incorporate some of these features, enhancing its functionality and appeal. For now, Twitter remains the go-to platform for those seeking a diverse and comprehensive social media experience.

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